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Leanlite is always pay more attention on the R&D.

1. Has more than 20 rich of experience R & D staff, for structural, electrical, process & optical field.

2. Has 18 products patents so far.  

3. Launching about new products 10~15 each year.

4. Complete facilities:

    (1) Optical design systems utilising Tracepro, lighttools, ASAP, Lucid shape.
    (2) Electronic PCBA design and circuit simulation using Multisim and Altium.
    (3) Details design and industrialisation utilising Solid Works, ProE and CATIA V4/5/6.
    (4) Testing facilities: Salt-fog spraying instrument, Temperature&humidity&vibration test chamber, Temperature&humidity test chamber, Lightning&surge testing Instrument(EMS), EMS withstand voltage instrument, Conduction Radiation Interference simulation test Instrument(EMI), Oscilloscope, Integrating sphere, Light distribution tester.